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About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of APTA to provide information, education, and support to those individuals who are dedicated to the training of Alabama law enforcement personnel.
In support of this mission, we are committed to:
Excellence by promoting professionalism and ethics as a basis of the organization;
Meeting the changing needs of Alabama Law Enforcement Trainers by providing them with information on new trends and techniques of training;
Serving as a forum to bring together Alabama Law Enforcement Trainers so they can share different ideas and practices of training; and,
Providing advanced training and certifications to Alabama Law Enforcement Trainers.  

The goals of APTA are:
To instill a need for ethically-based training throughout the Alabama law enforcement industry;
To share ideas about Best Practices in training;
To provide information about current training technology;
To become a skills bank repository for members and departments;
To provide basic instructional training for new trainers;
To provide advanced instructional training for experienced trainers; and,
To establish certification standards for our members and provide the resources by which these standards may be reached.